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Laundry - Delken Delken Dry Cleaning & Laundromats

21 Father DeValles Blvd.
Suite 102 Unit B-4 
Fall River Ma 02723
Phone: 508-679-0999

Delken Saving Solutions





Delken Laundromats All Delken® self-service laundries are equipped with Maytag washers and dryers. You also can drop off your laundry and the Delken® Customer Service Representatives will gladly handle your laundry for you wash, dry, and fold. (Delken® personnel laundry service)

You can count on great service, clean stores and machines, as well as great prices. There are many locations to choose from with hours to suit even the busiest schedule.

You can count on Delken® to keep your clothes their cleanest! Laundry Tips Here.



the Delken® Easy Card ™

Checkout the convenience and intelligence built into the Delken® Easy Card that we are using in most of our stores right now! The Delken® Easy Card™ makes your trips to Delken® Laundromats more convenient than they already are! It is no longer necessary to spend hours accumulating coins or hauling pounds of change with you to the Laundromat.

Delken Easy Card Machine

The Delken® Easy Card™ is a computerized Delken Easy Cardsystem that uses a small magnetic stripped "debit" card to replace coins in laundromats. Delken® is now using these convenient new cards at most locations, and they are getting a wonderful response from our customers.

When you come into one of our stores that is using the Delken® Easy Card™, it's very simple to get one!

To receive a Delken® Easy Card:

1. The customer first inserts dollar bills ($1, $5, $10 or $20) up to a maximum balance of $99.99 which is added onto a Delken® Easy Card™.

2. The Acceptor/Dispenser displays the amount that was inserted.

3. With the push of a button, the dispenser issues your Delken® Easy Card™ which is encoded with an account number that correlates with the account information in the central computer. The balance of that account number can be checked at any time by reinserting the card into the Acceptor/Dispenser. Once the card is inserted, more value can be added to the same card by inserting more money.


The Benefits

The Delken® Easy Card™ makes your trips to Delken® laundromats more convenient than they already are!

To operate a washer or dryer:

1. You load your laundry into the unit and select the desired cycle.

2. Add the proper amount of soap, bleach, and fabric softener for your selected washer or dryer sheets for your selected dryer

3. Then you insert your Delken® Easy Card™ into the reader, located in the existing coin vault opening, which starts the machine. The reader will display your current balance, the price per use, and your new balance after the machine start is deducted from your account number. If additional funds are required you can increase the balance on your card by inserting your card into the Easy Card Machine, and then inserting more bills as needed. The display will indicate your balance as you add funds.

4. When operating dryers the card must be reinserted for each cycle to be added.

Keep Your Card

Any balance remaining on your Delken® Easy Card™ may be used on your next visit. You actually want to use the same card on return visits allowing "Bonus Dollars" to accumulate. Each card should be used in the store in which it was originally activated. The e-z card can only be used in the store it was purchased.



Doing Your Laundry!

Before you wash:

Inspect your clothes!

If you don't want to end up with pink underwear then it is always a good idea to SORT your clothes before washing. Separate dark fabrics from white or light colored ones. Fabrics requiring different water temperatures should be cleaned in separate loads. Heavily soiled garments may need to be done in a separate load. Items that will shed lint should not be washed with items that may collect lint. 

CHECK YOUR POCKETS! Remove any pens, tissue, or other items that may damage your clothes. This is one of the most important things you can do so don't be lazy about checking. It is well worth the time it takes to save a load of laundry. You may even find some extra cash you forgot about!

At the laundry:

Too much soap or too many clothes means inefficient washing!

Most Delken® locations now use the "Easycard" system eliminating the need of carrying rolls of quarters. These machines accept bills in all denominations saving you a trip to the bank to buy change. We provide you an "Easycard" on your first visit for a very small fee!

Get everything ready before you start the machine. Your clothes should be prepped, sorted, soap ready, pockets checked, before you load your machines. Front loading machines lock once they are started and will be inaccessible until their cycle completes.

Always look in the machine you plan to use before you load it! You never know what may have been left behind by the previous user. As with anything, it is always best to plan ahead. Don't overload machines or use too much soap. Either may result in having to separate and re-wash your clothes in smaller amounts wasting both your time and money.

Efficient Drying:

Don't overload your dryers!

Overloading dryers can result in longer drying time. You should separate clothes for drying in the same manner as separating for washing. Be sure to check dryers before placing your clothes inside. The last user may have left something behind that could possibly damage your clothes. Clean out the dryer's lint screen if possible. This can increase the units air flow and result in faster drying time.

Last But Not Least:

Remove clothes as soon as possible!

Be there when your machines stop! Once your clothes are dry remove them as soon as possible. This will keep them looking better and minimize wrinkles. Hang items that wrinkle easily such as blouses, dress shirts, etc. Knits are often best folded  provided you have the drawer space at home. It is always best to match your socks at the laundry. This allows you to check the machines you had used in case you may have missed something. They tend to get caught inside other items so be sure to check them well. Contrary to popular belief, washers and dryers do not eat socks so if you don't have them when you are folding then they probably never made it there in the first place.





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