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Spots & Stains

Special fluids and solvents are used in a dry cleaning machine to remove soil and stains from fabric.Spotting Board It is called “dry cleaning” because the fluid contains little or no water and does not penetrate and weaken the fibers in the way water does. Advantages include the ability to dissolve greases and oils in a way that soap and water cannot. Natural fibers, such as wool, dry clean beautifully, but when washed in water, can shrink and distort. Silks are generally more color and finish stable when dry cleaned, although one must be very knowledgeable to properly spot clean these garments. Synthetic fibers such as polyester also respond well to dry cleaning, as oily spots will come out easily. Many stains, however, must be treated by skilled "spotters" using a variety of techniques and chemicals to be safely removed.



Understanding stains:

Not all stains come out!

Many people bring clothes to the dry cleaner because they have stains that they have been unable to remove at home. Professional dry cleaners have special solvents and equipment that can remove many stains fairly simply but often times attempts at home stain removal make the situation  more difficult if not impossible. Not all fabrics or dyes are made to withstand the use of cleaning or stain removal agents. Unfortunately, not all stains can be removed despite our best efforts!

What you should do:

Tell us all you can about your stains!

Be honest about your stains. This will insure the best chance for removal. Professional dry cleaners have seen them all so be sure to give accurate and honest information.

Check your care labels. If you remove care labels then it is a good idea to save them for reference when the time for cleaning becomes necessary. We receive many garments without care labels making it difficult at times to provide the best possible service.

The more information you provide the better. When dropping off your garments be sure to point out stains and communicate as much as you can about the nature of the stain; What is it? When did it happen? Have you made any attempts to remove the stain yourself.?


Real Nasty Stains:

Watch out for those invisible stains!

Many stains are caused by oily substances, foods, or beverages that may become invisible when they are first spilled and dry. Exposure to heat (as in dry cleaning) or the passage of time causes a yellowish or brown stain to appear. This is caused by the oxidation of sugars in the staining substance. It is similar to an apple turning brown once it is peeled and exposed to the air. We've all had that happen! If you know you have a spill of this type point it out to your cleaner! If these types of stains are not pretreated the heat from drying or pressing may set the stain making it impossible to remove.

When an oily stain has been exposed to heat over a passage of time the stain "oxidizes". Like when you hang clothes in the closet for months before wearing them again. This stain is identified by its irregular shape and brownish color. Oily stains usually can be removed in dry cleaning with few problems but once they become oxidized removal is almost impossible.

Don't "SWEAT" it!

Sweat in your washable garments (Well, do your best at this one!)!

Perspiration can be a big problem on some dry cleaned garments. Silk garments can become discolored and deteriorate with perspiration especially in the underarm area. Dry clean only garments and "sweat" really don't make for a practical combination. People that perspire heavily should take extra efforts to protect their garments and clean them more often.





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