Call or text 401-829-1772 for delivery options!

Call or text 401-829-1772 for delivery options!

Delken’s Route Delivery offers pickup and delivery of garments right to your door. Our vans will come to your home or business twice a week. Our personalized service includes:

Delken’s Laundry Bag

  • You will receive two bags for your dirty garments. Your bags will be returned when your clean laundry is delivered.

Custom Delivery Locations

  • Just tell us where to pickup and deliver your order: front door, breezeway, back porch or other convenient place.

Personal Care Instructions

  • Each bag will have a personal care instruction card so we know how you like your garments cleaned

Payment is simple and easy

  • We accept all major credit cards. With your encrypted card on file, we’ll automatically bill you and attach a receipt to your order.

Delken is a full service cleaner! Besides dry cleaning and shirt laundering, we also clean comforters, tablecloths and napkins, rugs, linens, blankets, suede, and leather. Plus we can do alterations, wash, dry & fold, and recycle your wire hangers.