SAN-O-WASH Laundry Sanitization System

Delken Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning located at 3 Peoples Way, Fairhaven MA has invested in their customers and the community by implementing a SAN-O-WASH Laundry Sanitization System from Daniels Equipment Company of Auburn NH

The system automatically injects precise doses of nature's sanitizing agent (ozone) into each of the washers at the right moments during the wash cycle.

"I want my customers to know their laundry and our washers are sanitized. They don't have to be concerned with who used the machines before them. Each load leaves laundry smelling fresh, bright and clean. The past year has become a challenging year with the debut of the novel coronavirus and sanitization is more important than ever."

The Sanitizing System assures customers that their washing machine is santized, and that their laundry will be as well. This SAN-O-WASH system kills most bacteria, viruses, and household germs, providing users with the cleanest washing machines and the cleanest laundry possible.

"Sanitizing isn't exclusive to our self-service customers. All commercial accounts and drop off laundry, wash/dry/fold receive the specialized process as well.

Our #1 goal is to help keep our customers and our community safe with sanitization.

Scott Nanfelt, Owner of Delken Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning

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